Cincy Flying Pig - Added to all shops

Cincinnati natives and transplants alike are familiar with the association of pigs with the city. The Queen City was once nicknamed “Porkopolis”, and in the early 1800’s Cincinnati was a booming hog processing town. From references to Les Nessman’s famed “Silver Sow Award” on the hit t.v. show “WKRP in Cincinnati”, to the current day “Flying Pig Marathon”, the association still holds strong. Come to Porkopolis, where pigs really do fly!


Cincinnati Collection

The Cincinnati section of the Redbubble shop is loaded. From photography to digital art, there is something for everybody. If you love the Queen City, you will like these designs. From simple text designs like "513 Area Code" to more detailed designs like "Cincy Chili Three Way" and "Flying Turkeys", this gallery has it all. Represent the Nati with pride with one of these great local designs on shirts, hats, mugs, mouse-pads, journals, totes and much more!


Houston Asterisks Design and Houston CCTV

The Houston Astros Organization doesn't seem to want to take responsibility for their actions. Alex Bregman is a broken record with the canned speech from his lawyer, Jose Altuve is still in full denial mode despite the guilty verdict and the social media team has concocted an "us against the world" narrative that apparently most of their fan base is eating up like Texas barbecue. The only thing left to do is make them feel shame at every turn.

Houston CCTV and Surveillance

When one door closes, another one opens!! Parlay that recent termination into a new career as a CCTV and surveillance installation professional! If A.J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow need a side hustle for the next year until they can work in Major League Baseball again, The Houston CCTV and Surveillance Company is always hiring...


Politics and Election Available in All Shops

The full political collection has finally been copied to all three print on demand (Redbubble, TeePublic and Threadless) shops. All designs have been loaded to RedBubble, and the RB shop continues to be the primary shop that I will link to in the gallery and on any new blog posts, but all new designs will be loaded to all three shops moving forward.


Impeach This!

It's Impeachment Day! For Americans who voted for Donald Trump, this Impeachment is a direct assault on their Constitutional voting rights. It is viewed as nothing more than a partisan attempt to remove a sitting POTUS by the same democrats that have been crying in their cornflakes since the day Trump was elected. If you voted for Trump, and you want Nancy Pelosi and her ilk to know they can “Impeach This”, this design is for you!


Buffalo NY Collection Added

New Buffalo New York designs have been added to the Redbubble shop and will be copied to TeePublic and Threadless shortly. Whether you are a Buffalonian living in the Queen City, or you just love to visit the Upstate New York/Niagara area, these designs are for you!


Russian Designs Loaded

All Russian designs have been loaded to all three (Redbubble, Teepublic and Threadless) shops and are now available for purchase on all merchandise within those shops.

Shop "Russian Bot" and "Russian Bot Army" among latest designs, as well as "Russian Girls Rule" and "Sexy, Smart, Russian - I check All the Boxes" designs. All the older Russian designs are still available as well, so shop "Russian Two-Headed Eagle" and "Babushka in Your Pocket" designs in all shops now.

Designer's Note* - Redbubble is the default Print on Demand provider for Burton Creative. All new designs are loaded to the Redbubble shop first, and will be available on TeePublic next and Threadless afterwards. Additionally, the linked images on this website always point to the corresponding product page in the Redbubble shop. The reason for this is that RedBubble has the most comprehensive list of products for printing, and because the RedBubble transfer process allows for easy editing of size and background color of any given design on any product. RedBubble also appears to offer more customization options for customers during the ordering process. For these reasons, RedBubble is the preferred provider for Burton Creative designs.

Links to the TeePublic and Threadless shops can be found in the right sidebar of this website however, and both providers do offer a nice selection of merchandise. Loyal customers of those brands can shop most designs in those shops as well, and they look great. Additionally, merchandise in the Threadless and TeePublic (specifically TeePublic) may be less expensive than the same (or similar) product on RedBubble, so make sure you look around all three shops before you buy to get the best price. In most cases, TeePublic or Threadless have equally solid options for merch.

Unfortunately, since some of my designs are patterns ( such as this: Slavic Pattern ), and TeePublic and Threadless don't allow for the duplication of images during the transfer process, as RedBubble does. These pattern designs would have to be custom created to fit the template of each individual product on both those provider sites in order to be made available. These designs may or may not be customized to fit these products and added to those shops at a later date, but as of right now that process would be too time consuming and is not possible. If TeePublic or Threadless ever adds the option to duplicate designs to form patterns, I will go back and load the missing designs to those shops.

Finally, the editing process on Threadless during the creation process is a little touchy and force closes whenever certain products are adjusted during the editing process. I believe this is a RAM issue on my end, however customers may find that some of the designs in the Threadless shop have not been optimized (in size or placement) for the products they are available on. This only seems to be the case for buttons and magnets, (tee shirts, prints and other products are usually fine), however there may be one or two designs that just don't look centered or sized on a specific piece of merch. If you see a product on Threadless that you are interested in purchasing, but the design does not appear centered, or looks too large for the product on the preview screen, please send me an e-mail and I will attempt to adjust that product for you. It is my hope, that TeePublic and Threadless will eventually upgrade the customization options at checkout, so that customers may adjust the size, background color and placement of all designs prior to purchase. Until then, RedBubble is the suggested provider for my designs whenever possible.


Russian Collection

The complete Russian Heritage Collection has been added to TeePublic and Threadless in addition to the existing section on RedBubble. Look for all these great Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and other Slavic Heritage designs and more coming soon!